Dong Wha Pharm

In 1897, a small company named ‘Dong Wha Yak Bang’ was established in the Jeong-dong district of Seoul, South Korea, where Western culture was introduced at a turbulent time in Korean history. Across three centuries, amid ever-changing social circumstances and periods of turmoil, our company has stayed constant in our conviction that ‘We will save people with good medicine’.
Now, Dong Wha Pharm, as Korea’s first and oldest pharmaceutical company, is ready to launch a new era of 100 years based on such pride. We will abide by our founder’s first intent, ‘Do not make any medicines but good medicines’. We will be reborn as a self-regulating, adaptive company through change and innovation. Based on our accumulated technology and experience, we will make new products of the highest quality. Ultimately, we strive for happier, healthier lives for all people, here in Korea and across the globe. Please join us in exploring this exciting new era.

Whal Myung Su [hwal-myung su:]

Min Byung-ho, a royal court officer of the Joseon Dynasty, created the Nation’s first medicine by integrating the advantages of Western medical techniques into the royal court’s secret recipe. This digestive medicine known as Whal Myung Su, meaning ‘life-saving water’, soothed people’s pain in those turbulent times and became a reliable “comrade” for independence fighters. Since its creation, Whal Myung Su has been regarded as the nation’s favorite digestive medicine.

Whal Myung Brand

In 2017, Dong Wha Pharm is launching a new ‘royal secret formula’ skincare line to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Whal Myung Su. Now you can meet our Speical Limited Edition ‘Whal Myung Skin Elixir’ at POP-IN NORDSTORM from Feburary 10th – March 26th.

WHAL MYUNG Skin Elixir

WHAL MYUNG Skin Elixir is formulated with Whal Myung Su, a special medicine that was originally created in 1897 for the Royal Family of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.
It originated from Whal Myung Su, ‘Life-saving water’, was developed 120 years ago to reduce symptoms like indigestion and gastroenteritis, and has long been one of the most loved household medicines in Korea for its many benefits.

WHAL MYUNG Skin Elixir was created with 5 selected herb extracts taken from Whal Myung Su’s 11-herb formula. Traditional methods provide effective and natural skin protection from environmental pollutants. Skin Elixir brings the most essential benefits to your skin and supports its natural renewal process.
The antioxidant-rich and multipurpose emulsion calms, nourishes, deeply hydrates and revitalizes skin. Perfect for all skin types and all ages.

[How to use] Shake it before using.
Apply on face and neck as the first step after cleansing in the morning and night. Can be used under makeup or sunscreen.